About the Program

The Montrose Royal Ambassador organization offers young women a unique experience of growth, volunteer and educational experiences that focuses on leadership and the opportunity to serve as positive role models. The Montrose Royal Ambassador program is dedicated to the development of a scholarship opportunity and to fostering networks and friendships within the community and businesses of Montrose as well as the surrounding communities.

Program Structure:
Two candidates will be named Montrose Royal Ambassadors; both equal in title and reign. The Montrose Royal Ambassadors will wear the same dress and hair style to any and every public event. Their sashes and crowns will both be identical. 

Ambassador Expectations and Duties:
Each Ambassador and their parents will sign The Montrose Royal Ambassador Contract in the presence of The Montrose Royalty Committee after being crowned. During their reign, the young ladies will be required to attend various community events and fundraisers for community organizations. The Montrose Royal Ambassadors are required to appear at all parades, banquets and coronations Wright as well as The Minneapolis Aquatennial. The attendance of festivals outside of Wright County is at the discretion of The Montrose Royal Ambassadors and their families.

Aquatennial Representative:
One Montrose Royal Ambassador will represent the City of Montrose as an Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes Candidate, and will be announced at the end of her reign. This candidate will assume the title of Aquatennial Representative until she attends The Minneapolis Aquatennial the following year. Occasionally, the Aquatennial Representative will be asked to attend various events within the community.

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